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Life After Workers’ Compensation…

In the 1976 film Logan’s Run, Michael York asked the machine governing a futuristic dystopia, “is there life after workers’ compensation?”  Well, it appears that there just may be.

Former Court Administrator Keven P. Star is gathering support for his bid to become a Superior Court Judge in Sacramento County (Full disclosure: Keven is an old friend of your honest and fully-disclosing blogger, and to the extent that a workers’ compensation defense blog can support a citizen’s candidacy for a superior court position, WCDefenseCA certainly does).

Aside from his work in the California workers’ compensation system, Keven Star has also served as a Major in the Army Reserves (JAG) and a Deputy District Attorney in both Santa Clara County and Sacramento County, where some of his time was spent prosecuting workers’ compensation and insurance fraud.

Keven Star’s opponent is Superior Court Judge Tami R. Bogert, who was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in December of 2010.

The vote is not until June 5, 2012, so an answer to Michael York’s question will have to wait until then.

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