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Received Bills from Implantium? Fraud Charges Pending…

Have you seen bills for Implantium?  Well, if you have, you may want to hold off before you pay them.  The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has charged Trudy Maurer (CEO) and Tigran Shahsuvarya (Medical Director) with nine felony counts of fraud, the allegations being that the two inflated invoices and submitted them to various government employers in San Jose County.

Shrugging off the medical fee schedule, Implantium allegedly overbilled the government employers for devices implanted (or supposed to be implanted) into injured employees backs.

If your gamble-inclined blogger were inclined to gamble, he would guess that these were more of those spinal stimulators or neural stimulators that work so well during the “trial” phase and then stop working all together after being implanted, requiring additional surgery to remove them.

If these allegations are true, hopefully the District Attorney’s office will not hesitate to throw the proverbial book at the perpetrators.  These parasitic acts bankrupt the workers’ compensation system and hurt tax-payers, employers, and employees alike.

One can also hope that the DA’s office will not hesitate to pursue the same sort of transgressions when committed against private-sector employers and insurers.

As always, WCDefenseCA wishes the District Attorney’s office good hunting!

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