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$225k Double Payment Discovered in Los Angeles Comp

Have you ever gotten a duplicate paycheck?  Or perhaps an invoice paid twice?  What’s the proper protocol when you know someone has made a clerical error and you have ended up with twice as much money as you’re entitled to?

From what your humble blogger can tell based on this article, when the Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation received a duplicate payment of $225,000, they must have assumed it was a tip from the City of Los Angeles and went on as if nothing had happened.

A recent audit uncovered this and other duplicate payments from the city’s comp program, and now the City Controller, Wendy Greuel, is calling for “greater oversight.”

When we see constant studies showing that workers’ compensation is becoming unsustainable and costs of administration and treatment continue to sky-rocket, this sort of waste is unacceptable.

Rest assured, dear readers, should your humble blogger receive a check for an unearned sum, even $225,000, he would promptly return at least some of it (after a small transaction fee, of course).

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