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Workers’ Comp Fraudster Goes Down

October 29th, 2012

Some of his blog’s readers may recall a certain workers’ compensation claimant who suffered from various injuries, including weak knees.  Modupe Adunni Martin, a custodian for a Hayward high school, had filed a claim in 2009 for an alleged injury to her ankle.  She forgot to amend the application to include injury to her knees, which apparently buckled at an inopportune moment when meeting her boyfriend in a park.

Private investigators happened to be filming at that time, and this footage and more showing Martin walking without her supposedly necessary crutches, led to a workers’ compensation fraud prosecution by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.  It now appears that Ms. Martin no longer proclaims her innocence, and instead has pled no-contest to the charges.

As a result of her plea, she will serve up to a one-year sentence in county jail.

Does this seem fair to you?  Your humble blogger isn’t too satisfied with the result.  A woman knew she was lying about her injury, wasted countless physician hours and employer dollars, and performed a sex act in a public park.  For that, she will serve up to one year in county jail.

Once again, the employer will never recoup the costs of investigation, the county will not recoup the costs of prosecution and incarceration, and more fraudsters will be emboldened to try their luck – for the maximum risk of a one-year county jail sentence, get a paid vacation for several years!

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