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[Alleged] Fraudster Nabbed in Porterville

January 11th, 2013

Happy Friday, dear readers!  Are you looking forward to the weekend?  A certain (alleged) workers’ comp fraudster was too, last Friday, until the Tulare County District Attorney provided him with a set of matching bracelets to wear to his date at the County Sheriff’s jail in Porterville.

Your humble blogger, should he ever be arrested, would prefer to be arrested on Monday, and save the weekends for his non-incarceration time.  Just an FYI to all my D.A. friends reading this blog…

Michael D. Maloney, employed by the County of Tulare, Resource Management Agency, was arrested last Friday by investigators of the District Attorney’s office on suspicion of filing a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim.  To-date, the alleged loss is estimated to be in excess of $25,000.

As more details develop on this story, your humble blogger hopes to shed light on just how this fraud was detected, and what we can take away from this in the cases we handle to prevent private pockets from being picked (not just those of the County of Tulare).

Enjoy your weekend, dear readers.  Hopefully, yours will be better than that of Mr. Maloney.

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