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DA’s Investigator Caught in WC Fraud

January 30th, 2013

Today’s post is another case of quis custodiet ipsos custodes, dear readers.

The good people of Fresno County find themselves twice cheated by a former investigator who was ordered to pay almost $24,000 in restitution for wrongfully receiving workers’ compensation benefits from the county.

John Harding Swenning apparently exaggerated his symptoms so that he could receive surgery and return to work, or so his attorney told the Fresno Bee.

As my dear readers are well aware, your humble blogger does not like to name names, but fraudsters are an exception and public shaming is as appropriate as possible.  Hopefully, a Google search of fraudsters named on this blog will help future employers become aware of some of the “experience” their job applicants might have that has been left off the resume and application.

Not only did Swenning cheat Fresno County tax-payers by securing money to which he was not entitled, he also proved incompetent as a fraud by getting caught.  Did the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office have criminals slip through its fingers because they proved better at concealing their fraud than Mr. Swenning?

Congratulations are owed to the Fresno County DA – one cannot ferret out the frauds in the county until one has done so with the frauds in one’s house.

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