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SB-863 Limits Scope of 4064 Reports, even Pre-1/1/13 Reports

Back in the old days, before SB-899, parties in workers’ compensation proceedings behaved much like parties in a civil case.  By that, I mean of course, that each party got to select its own expert witness (Defense QME and Applicant QME), and workers’ compensation trials were held in the Thunderdome wing of every Board venue (“Two docs enter, one doc leaves!”)

For those that weren’t with us back then, here is some rare footage of a workers’ compensation attorney laying the foundation for the introduction of two orthopedist QMEs with dueling testimony:

Well, post SB-899, that practice came to an end, and we were blessed with the seamless and streamlined process of panel QME selection.  However, Labor Code section 4064(d) still allowed parties to obtain additional evaluations at their own expense, and have those reports admitted as evidence.

SB-863, however, changed that – it amended section 4064(d) to exclude reports on issues already covered by section 4060 (compensability), 4061 (PD), 4062, 4062.1 (unrepresented catch-all), and 4062.2 (represented catch-all).

So what happens when a report from a “self-procured” QME was obtained after January 1, 2013, when Governor Brown put pen to paper and made the bill law?

Section 84 of SB-863 made all the rule changes, unless otherwise provided, effective on 1/1/13, even for pre-1/1/13 injuries.

That was the ruling, at least, in the panel case of Margaret Batten v. Long Beach Memorial Hospital.  Applicant was awarded a whole lot of PD based on a report obtained under old Labor Code section 4064(d).  But even though the injury is from 2006, and the report was obtained prior to 1/1/13, SB-863 prohibited its admission into evidence after 1/1/13.

So, if you’ve got a 4064(d) report and you’re heading into trial, check the expiration date, you might be able to get it knocked out.

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  1. March 19th, 2014 at 10:18 | #1

    I just have to say that the video was hilarious. Never quite thought of the dueling reports that way, but I like it! Thanks for the laugh.

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