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Rx Fraud in Los Angeles

Hey there, dear readers, quick question for you – do the names Daniel Shin, Thomas Mark Oseransky, and Dyno Travato West sound familiar?  These guys have been charged in a prescription fraud scheme down in Los Angeles, and you may want to check your files for any liens coming from their pain management clinics.

A press release from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, reflects that the three have been charged with 21 felony counts.

Do you have any liens from these guys?  It is not immediately clear if there were workers’ compensation cases involved in the scheme, and if there were, the DA’s office may not be aware of them just yet.

In any case, the lien files warrant a quick review to see if this prosecution (and the possibility of a conviction) might warrant a delay in the lien resolution.  After all, if convicted, these gentlemen will hardly make effective witnesses.

This should also serve as a reminder to us in the defense community that we must be ever vigilant.  If a lien claimant is involved in something fishy, speak up and don’t wait for the next guy to do something about it.

WCDefenseCA sends its warmest wishes to the DA’s office and hopes for speedy justice.

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