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Unable to Lift His Baby, Fraudster Filmed Playing Basketball at YMCA

“Oh man, Mr. Adjuster, it hurts so bad.”

“How bad does it hurt, Mr. Bolton?”

“Oh, so bad… I can’t stand for more than an hour at a time.  I can’t even pick up my baby girl… think of the psychiatric injury I’m developing by not even being able to pick up young child… can you get those TTD checks out?  Maybe some PD Advances…?”

“Uhhh… sure, I guess…”

“Great!  Now I’ve got to get down to the Y – the boys and I got a game going.”

Now, your humble blogger isn’t claiming that this exchange happened word-for-word, but that’s the conversation this defense attorney conjures up in his head when he hears the story of Chip Kyle Bolton, who apparently told the adjuster that his work injury caused some pretty serious harm on the same day he was videotaped playing basketball and exercising at the YMCA.

In addition to his workers’ compensation fraud Mr. Bolton was convicted for welfare fraud.  Apparently, the judge that sentenced Mr. Bolton to eight years and eight months in Monterey County Jail, called him a “perennial liar.”

It is no secret that your humble blogger is glad to see the workers’ comp fraudsters go down.  The guys that rip off their insurers and employers ultimately drive up the prices for the rest of us.  So this is another win for the good guys.

In the meantime, Mr. Bolton has been ordered to pay restitution, the workers’ comp end of it being about $60,000.  Of course, money ill-gotten and quickly spent is not easily recovered, even by the state.  So while we all get to nod approvingly at justice being done, it is more likely than not that the money will never be seen again.  But that is just typical for workers’ comp fraud, and why it is so devastating to the public.

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