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How to Celebrate Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial Day 2014, dear readers!  No doubt you woke at the crack of dawn on your day off and eagerly hit “refresh” on this website until this post appeared – I thank you for the enthusiasm and the loyalty, of course.

Now, before I lose your attention to the campgrounds, the BBQs, and the sales, might I ask you consider an alternative way to celebrate Memorial Day this year?

Those of us not living under a rock for the past decade and change are aware that the United States has deployed men and women into combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There are several less-known engagements happening around the world that also put our troops in harm’s way.

Many soldiers return with a list of injuries – brutal scars, missing limbs, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We can all celebrate Memorial Day by just taking the day off (don’t worry, dear readers, your humble blogger will be at his post, striving to deny benefits, as always), and we can celebrate it by going camping or relaxing or doing any number of things not related to the purpose of the holiday.

But, for at least a few moments, consider celebrating Memorial Day this year by offering assistance to a veteran or group helping to re-integrate returning combat vets into civilian society.  If you have an organization you would like listed on this site, please add in the comments or send me an e-mail  and I will post it here.

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Laurel Thurston
    May 27th, 2014 at 07:50 | #1

    Thank you for the reminder about Veterans and the need for all sorts of services, medical, counseling, jobs, even clothes and toiletries for homeless Vets, of which there are many.

    In the Los Angeles area, the Edwin J. Klein Post of Jewish War Veterans has established an office at the Sepulveda V.A. facility where there’s free experienced help for Vets needing to apply for benefits. Also at the same facility is a free “store” where clothing can be donated. Work wear for men and women is very helpful as are all those mini shampoo, soap, lotion, etc. from hotels when one travels. Probably other V.A. locations have similar outreach efforts, but that’s the one I know about.

  2. Gregory Grinberg
    May 28th, 2014 at 22:54 | #2

    A phone number for anyone interested in helping or in accessing services through The Edwin J. Klein Post of Jewish War Veterans is Marc Thurston, Post Commander, 818-621-9055.

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