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Orange County DA Goes After [Alleged] Medical Fraud Ring

Put down that checkbook, dear readers!  Put away your coin purse.  Log off your Bitcoin account.  Herd your trading goats back into their pens.  I don’t know what other currency might be used in the Workers’ Compensation world, so I’m assuming I’ve covered most of them here.

It appears that Landmark Medical Management has been indicted, along with its president, Kareem Ahmed, as well as doctors Michael Rudolph and Andrew Jarminski, for a massive conspiracy to manufacture compound drugs, prescribe them to injured workers, and commit a host of other false acts to defraud insurers and self-employed insurers.

The numbers involved, if the allegations are to be believed, are staggering, including $1.9 million paid to several physicians for their participation in the scheme.

A search of liens on the public search function reveals that six pages of liens listed, Allied Medical Group,which lists Andrew Jarminski as a member, boasts 17 pages, and Michael Rudolph has another 17.

Now, it’s important to realize that an indictment is not a conviction.  And,  as the saying goes, one could indict a ham sandwich.  That being said, the charges here are very serious: if there is a conviction, the credibility of the liens and the lien claimants is impeached, and the taint of this impeachment can reach out to all matters, even those not involving any compound drugs, but even legitimate services that were rightly billed.

Accordingly, if you are in a rush to settle, your humble blogger suggests considering and weighing the advantage of letting this case play out.

As always, your humble blogger, and all the might and influence of WCDefenseCA,wishes the District Attorney of Orange County, Tony Rackauckas, and his diligent deputy, Shaddi Kamiabipour, good hunting and great success.  Just don’t forget about getting restitution for the defendants if this comes down to a plea bargain situation.

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