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Social Media Turns Fraudster’s Bowling Strike Into Gutter Ball

There was a time when the typical lawyer did not use a computer.  Now, you need to, there are no two ways about it.  The same goes for the typical claims adjuster.  Times have changed, as have methods and approaches to doing things.  You need to be well versed in the use of computers, software, internet, etc.  That has been the case for a while, dear readers, so why am I wasting your time telling you this?

Because social media is in the same boat: it’s not just for drunk college kids to ruin their future job prospects, or insecure teens to post half-naked “selfies” and cry desperately for attention and affirmation.  It’s also a go-to for you for every single claim that crosses your desk.

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the rest of them.

Previously, I’ve brought you examples of a disabled firefighter posting his exercise results and his MMA tournament successes, and other cases as well.  Today I bring you the story of Ronald Fortune, who testified at his deposition that he enjoyed bowling but no longer could do it because of his injury, and then posted his bowling scores on social media.

Someone on the defense team, whether the employer, adjuster, or attorney, needs to keep an eye on social media and check once in a while to see if your applicant is still an altar boy away from the altar.

In the case of Mr. Fortune, the district attorney filed criminal charges, and Mr. Fortune plead guilty to felony perjury and was ordered to pay restitution and serve 400 hours of community service and be on probation for three years.

My beloved readers have read my rants about how harmful fraud is to everyone in California, not just the particular employer or the particular insurer, so today I’ll confine my comments to the need to monitor social media on a regular basis.

Your humble blogger, and vast army of researches, writers, and staff at WCDefenseCA wishes to send its thanks and congratulations to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for its willingness to take and prosecute this case.

Semper Vigilans, dear readers.

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