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Claim of Post-Robbery Psyche Injury Alleged Fake

Alright, dear readers, we have a new champion for the crown of the most ridiculous workers’ compensation claim.

As you well know, each claim is judged by its own penchant for insanity, absurdity, and even audacity, or as might be heard around your humble blogger’s household, Chutzpah!

Previously, this blog observed with wide-eyed amazement some of the claims made against employers and insurers in California, including demands for industrial fertility treatments, an applicant marrying his wife to be able to invoke spousal privilege against her testifying, and even claims of disability while competing in Mixed Martial Arts competitions.

Well, here’s your humble blogger’s new champion if, of course, all charges are proved beyond a reasonable doubt: Aurora Barrera.  Ms. Barrera was apparently employed at a bank and suffered psychological injuries when she was held hostage by two men, forced to wear a bomb, and told to go into a bank and rob it.  She received workers compensation benefits of about $35,573 and medical benefits as well.

Now, calm down, dear reader, I know what you’re thinking: “Not only is this poor woman traumatized, but now my humble blogger is publicly ridiculing her on his fantastic blog that everyone should read.  I demand a refund!”

It’s fake, dear reader, it’s all fake! Not only did she conspire with the bank-robbers, but she knew the whole time it was a fake bomb.  SHE IS A BANK ROBBER!

And, not content with merely robbing the bank, she also elected to rob the workers’ compensation system by claiming a psychiatric injury as a result of the crime she herself committed.

Picture, if you will, John Smith, convicted by a jury of his peers for murdering his parents, and when asked for reasons that he should receive leniency, he, weeping, tells the Judge, “But your honor, I’m an orphan!”

Congratulations to the fraudster on the new title!  Every time a workers’ compensation fraudster gets convicted, your humble blogger cheers… you can (wait for it…) bank on it!

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