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CHP Officer Goes Down for WC Fraud

Alright, dear readers, you remember that CHP officer accused of insurance fraud?  Your humble blogger reported on this matter back in 2012, when Officer Tony Yao was accused of workers’ compensation fraud.  Well, it looks like officer Yao has been convicted, and sentencing is set for the end of January.  (Special thanks to E.V., Esq.)

Now, think back, dear readers, to when you’ve had an actual fraud case that you would like to see prosecuted by the District Attorney.  Whether this is a major fraud case or a slam-dunk petty fraud case, how often have you been told that the good folks enforcing the laws have neither the time nor the resources to handle every single case, including yours?

Now that officer Yao has been convicted, do you think any cases that he may have worked on in the past might warrant a review?  Do you think that, now, there’s going to be more or less in terms of resources available to prosecute workers’ compensation fraud when the district attorney has additional cases to re-litigate?

Workers’  compensation fraud hurts a lot of people – it raises the cost of doing business, and that raise in cost translates to higher prices for consumers and less in available wages for workers.  When a law enforcement officer engages in fraud, the harm resonates further, and robs Californians of law-enforcement tax dollars as well.

Congratulations to the District Attorney for getting this conviction – hopefully it will resonate with any other law enforcement officers, and employees in general, about the consequences of fraudulent actions.

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