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2 Chiros and Psychologist Charged in WC Fraud Scam

Hello, dear readers!  Your humble blogger is back again, and this time asks you to quickly check your files for liens placed by Chiropractors Bahar Gharib-Danesh (Pain Relief Health Centers clinics) and Na Young Eoh, as well as John Terrence, a psychologist.

Federal investigators have alleged that Dr. Gharib-Danesh would recruit patients, assign additional body parts as compensable consequences, and then bill for maximum treatment visits for each injury.  Dr. Eoh was directed to do the same, and also to refer all patience to John Terrence for a psychological evaluation.

According to this article from The Business Journal, Dr. Terrence as alleged to have submitted identical bills for each patient, billing 20.8 hours per day (and one day 291.2 hours – time moves slower in the world of psychology, it appears).

A search of the EAMS lien filing reflects more than 200 case numbers in which John Terrence has filed a lien.  A search for “Bahar Gharib” reflects about $40,000 in liens, and Pain Relief Health Centers likewise reflects more than 200 liens.

The indictments’ estimate is most than $5.6 million in fraudulent billings submitted by Dr. Terrence alone.

So, if you’ve got a lien from any of these folks or their businesses, you may want to hold off on closing that settlement.  If the prosecutors are successful, they might end up sending you the check instead.

In the meantime, your humble blogger wishes prosecutors all the best – scams like the one alleged here should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Even if money wrongfully obtained cannot be recovered, the deterrence effect has value of its own against future fraudsters.

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