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Former Prison Guard/Current Stage Actor Convicted of WC Fraud

All the world’s a stage, dear readers, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.  I just came up with that on the fly, so if you see it anywhere else, remember to tell everyone that your humble blogger is brilliant.

Quite possibly a fan of Shakespeare himself, Hosea Morgan of Vallejo was just recently found guilty by a jury of his peers on charges of fraud.  Mr. Morgan became a correctional officer at San Quentin in 1985, and then became a prison counselor in 1995.  He complained of almost daily altercations, and, during a 2009 San Quentin riot he allegedly exacerbated his orthopedic injuries to various parts of his body.  Your humble blogger’s knowledge of prison stems primarily from the HBO show Oz, which, once seen, cannot be unseen… so viewer discretion is advised.

Someone faxed a copy of a flier to the adjuster for the insurer on this one.  What first looked like an invitation to a community play, turned out to have Mr. Morgan starring in a show where he would sing and dance.

The investigator dispatched by the insurer got to video-tape two of these performances, and also Mr. Morgan coaching his kids in basketball as well as activities at a health club.

Playing the prison guard, prison counselor, actor, coach… and now convict.  One man playing many parts in his time, indeed.

Now, your humble blogger has nothing but congratulations to the Solano County district attorney’s office for a successful prosecution.  Fraud is fraud and it should be stopped and punished.  That being said, it sounds like a miracle tip came in on the fax machine, which is great when it happens but not the most reliable method of investigating potentially fraudulent claims.

But, perhaps, there’s a way to cultivate these tip-offs.  A decent relationship between the employer and the employees can often work wonders for having extra eyes and ears on allegedly injured worker.

Have a good weekend, dear readers!

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