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Dancing Hamster Fraudster Goes Down!

Although this blog is most certainly humble, it strives to be at least somewhat respectable as well.  To that effect, one would not expect a search of the blog to turn up many references to the word “hamster”, but it’s there!

In any case, dear readers, you may recall the curious case of the Kia car commercial’s dancing hamster – a dancer who tangoed his way from a workers’ comp claim to a Kia commercial, and then waltzed his way from the commercial to a no contest plea for insurance fraud.  Leroy Barnes will serve 90 days of electronic monitoring, 400 hours of community service, and pay $24,000 in restitution.

I guess you could say Mr. Barnes bit off more than he could chew…

hamster eating carrot

In any case, this story reminds us, on the defense side, of the importance of regular check-ups: social media, sub-rosa, etc. to make sure that we weed out the fraudsters and that there are enough benefits available for the legitimately injured workers.

Special thanks for JJB for the tip on this story!

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