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Phong Tran, M.D., Ordered to Stop Treating Patients

Happy Monday, dear readers!

Your humble blogger has a fun exercise for you today.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any actual exercise and this won’t interrupt coffee time.

Bring up your favorite MPNs and do a search for Phong Hung Tran.  If Dr. Tran is in your MPN, or if any of your files have him as a treating physician, you may want to take action now…

According to the Orange County Register, Judge Eugenia Eyherabide has ordered Dr. Tran to stop treating patients as of June 3, 2016, pending the resolution of his criminal case (the one where he is accused of bribery and insurance fraud).  Dr. Tran is likely in a hurry to conclude the criminal matter.  I guess you could say the good doctor is out of … patients!

It doesn’t look like Dr. Tran is a QME, but even if his name doesn’t come up specifically, some MPNs might have his clinic listed – Coastline Medical Clinic at 15606 Brookhurst Street, Suite A, Westminster, CA 92683.

Furthermore, any liens, potential or filed, should also be addressed in light of the Order and pending criminal prosecution.

Now, as an aside, your humble blogger would have you remember that, in addition to being a zealous attorney, snappy dresser, and scotch enthusiast, your humble blogger is also a citizen and encourages his beloved readers to take the time to go vote tomorrow – California’s Primary Election is upon us.  If none of the so-called “main” candidates strike your fancy, I urge you to write in “humble blogger.”

As for my platform, I promise to bring you what is best in life…

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