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Happy Independence Day!

Helllllllooooo dear readers! Your humble blogger is taking a quick break from his BBQ and his fireworks and his flag waving to wish you a happy independence day!

Given the recent news out of Great Britain, it seems like it would be a bit of the ol’ hypocrisy if the Crown were to hold a grudge against the U.S. of A for shrugging off the control of a distant empire.

Anywho – I hope you folks get to enjoy the day and, if you’re really such a glutton for punishment that you’re reading this blog post on Monday, I offer you these thoughts:

We are a people who engage in self-governance.  Whether on the Federal level or in the halls of power in Sacramento, we are, effectively deciding our own fate.  Accordingly, we have exactly the legislature we deserve and exactly the workers’ compensation legislation we have chosen (collectively speaking).  I know this is a thought that is likely to induce nightmares, but it is also a cause for hope: we still have it in us to fix the problems we deal with on a day to day basis.  That’s a reason to wave our flags, grill our burgers, and blow up small pieces of our air-space today.

Here’s another thought – just something else to consider: We often give thanks to our veterans, especially on days like Independence Day.  Freedom is won and freedom is kept not by the benevolence of our would-be conquerors, but, often enough, by the courage and blood of our armed forces.  The best way to thank the men and women who served and survived injury for our country? Be mindful of your fireworks.

It comes as little surprise that explosions overhead of brightly colored fireworks can bring back memories of explosions everywhere of not-so-bright IEDs, RPGs, and a whole host of small arms.  Be mindful of the veterans that live near you and don’t turn their 4th of July into another Fallujah rerun.

Ok – that’s all I’ve got.  Let’s have some fun, celebrate, and get back to work tomorrow with a new zeal to see claims denied!

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