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Happy Presidents’ Day!

Your humble blogger greets you, dear readers, and hopes that your circumstances have allowed you to spend today at ease and at rest.  May the conditions of your life excuse you from the trials of working and the tribulations of shopping (no matter how appearing those sales are!).

If, for some unspeakable reason, you are actually reading this most humble posts, I’d like to appeal to you, especially those that happen to appear regularly at the Board, in the spirit of this holiday.

Civility folks please!

Since the events of last November, and especially the 20th of January, 2017, I’ve observed some pretty harsh words spoken at the Board about matters completely unrelated to workers’ compensation.

Membership in the workers’ compensation community is not monolithic as to politics, and there are attorneys, hearing representatives, adjusters, and lien claimants that fall all over the political spectrum.  With that in mind, I think we would all benefit if we tried our best to stick to the issues of our professional callings, rather than our personal musings.

No one should ever think that TD benefits are being denied because the applicant is a member of the Tea Party.  No one should think that settlement is being rejected because the defense attorney’s car has a Bernie Sanders sticker.

We’re all in this together, for better or for worse, and workers’ comp tends to be one of those little pockets of the law that is actually quiet bearable.

So, your humble blogger calls upon his patriotic and civilized readership… whatever the personal views of you or those around you, let’s do our best to make sure that, regardless of politics, the workers’ compensations system continues to work as it always has.

Till Wednesday, dear readers!

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