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Orange County DA Goes After Capper Network

Happy Monday, dear readers!

The buzz around the interwebs recently is a press release from the Orange County District Attorney which has filed charges against 10 attorneys and a handful of “cappers” in a fraud scheme.

The attorneys involved are accused of paying a fee to a firm that would provide misleading information to injured workers, provide “free consultations,” and, after signing up clients, would subpoena records without attorney oversight or input, using companies owned by the capper enterprise.

It appears that a number of the targets for the alleged scheme did not speak English.  The District Attorney’s office is alleging that targets were “in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods, businesses, swap meets, and the U.S.- Mexico border.”

At this point, these are all just accusations, and I’m sure the District Attorney will seek, discover, and do justice.

In the meantime, while your humble blogger would decline to name the accused, as they are, after all, just accused, I have no hesitation in naming the copy services alleged to be part of this scheme.

The district attorney has alleged that USA Photocopy, C & E Technology, Professional Document Management, and Providence Scheduling are all businesses owned by the alleged mastermind of the referral scheme.

If you’ve got liens pending from any of these outfits, it may be a good idea to look more closely at any relationships between the copy service and/or its owners on the one hand, and the attorneys listed on the DA’s office website on the other.

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