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Pasadena Psychiatrist’s Liens Suspended for Fraud

Happy Friday, dear readers!

It looks like the hits just keep on coming for those not privileged enough to be members of the defense community.

The Department of Industrial Relations Newsline reports that Pasadena psychiatrist Jason Hui-Tek Yang has been suspended from participating in the workers’ comp system, pursuant to AB 1244.  The Newsline reports approximately $13.7 million in liens, so you may want to check your own liens before you get out that check book.

Although the report notes that Dr. Yang was convicted, his license on California’s BREEZE website reflects “renewed and current” and shows no signs of disciplinary history.

It looks like Dr. Yang primarily focused on victimizing defendants in southern California.  However, I bet if we all put our thinking caps on we could think of a few suspicious doctors up here as well.

With AB 1244 in effect, is there a sufficient monetary incentive for employers and insurers to devote more resources to investigating suspicious referrals?  After all, if you can throw a few thousand dollars into investigating a referral pattern and end up with a fortune in liens being disallowed, perhaps the game is worth the candle.

In any case, your humble blogger respectfully suggests you check your MPN and any pending liens, as well as any files involving Dr. Yang before you pay any more bills.

Have a good weekend!


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