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Double Dipping at the DMV

Fortunately for those of us practicing on the defense side of California’s Workers’ Compensation system, not everyone is willing to be complacent in blatant acts of fraud.  Often enough, a co-worker or neighbor will report deception and cheating when they become aware of it.

Mia Rachel Brown of West Covina, has been arrested on charges of workers’ compensation fraud, according to this press release by Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner.

Apparently, while she was receiving disability checks connected to her claimed injury, which (allegedly) occurred while working for Dean Foods, insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Mia Brown was working for the Department of Motor Vehicles.  At a sworn deposition, she had testified she had not worked since November of 2009.

Although it seems unlikely that the Department of Insurance or Liberty Mutual will recover their costs of benefits paid or investigation and prosecution (thanks to Ms. Brown’s fraud), a plugged leak is a plugged leak, even if the plug is late in coming and pricey at that.

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