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Wolf Fraudster Goes Down!

December 28th, 2012

Hello Dear Readers!

Your humble blogger comes bearing a gift of good news – though he suspects his beloved readership has something better to do on the few days between Christmas and New Year’s than read these posts.

As my readers may recall, a certain fraudster “expert” by the name of Joseph Arthur Wolf, was charged with 16 counts of perjury by the San Diego District Attorney’s office.  This “expert” would testify in lien claim matters on behalf of Wolf & Associates, a lien recovery outfit down in Southern California.

To bolster his credibility, he would testify to various little accomplishments such as having been a police commissioner, a president of the Board of Health, and an Assemblyman.  Other lies were told too.

Well, it appears that the good people of San Diego does not take kindly the to the Mayor of Fantasy Land blowing smoke in their faces.  The DA’s office pursued this matter diligently and your humble blogger’s sources inform him the big bad Wolf huffed, and puffed, and plead to various perjury counts.  He was sentenced to 3 years felony probation, 20 hours of community service (they will verify where this community service was done, won’t they?) and court costs.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wolf will not see the inside of a jail cell, nor has restitution been ordered.  Your humble blogger is informed that when one robs a bank, even after a conviction, one does not get to keep the money.  Unfortunately, the same does not apply for the lien game in California’s workers’ compensation system.


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