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Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2012

Tonight, as the clock strikes midnight, we will all find ourselves in 2013 – good luck to us all!

WCDefenseCA wishes all its readers good fortune in the coming year.  Maybe it’s the full tank of gas after visiting a gas station, maybe it’s the fact that all pennies found in the last two weeks have been heads up, or maybe it’s winter spirit… for whatever reason, your humble blogger feels that good things are coming in the 365 days ahead.

So, dear readers, let the defense community interlock its shields, tighten its belts, and meet the dangers looming the road before us head on.  And when the night seems dark, when the troubles seem overwhelming, when the lien claimants swarm and block out the sun, your humble blogger will be here by your side to see every last benefit denied and every last experience modification reduced. (At least that’s my new year’s resolution — what’s yours?)

So long, 2012 – hello 2013!

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