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Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Employee Nabbed for WC Fraud

February 20th, 2013

Welcome back from the three-day weekend, dear readers.  Many of us spent the days between Friday and Tuesday enjoying the sun, the family, the friends, the life beyond the life of Claims.  Others, like your humble blogger, looked out the window of his office at people walking the street with smiles on their faces, maliciously grumbling before turning back to the latest frivolous 132a claim.

But your humble blogger didn’t have a “bad” weekend compared to some – Keri Atwood* of Santa Paula, Ventura County, go to see the other side of her employer when she was arrested for workers’ compensation fraud.

A civilian employee of the Ventura County Sherriff’s Office, she made a claim for workers’ compensation benefits after she sustained an imaginary crippling injury to her left ankle.  However, her treatment visits proved so effective, that she was seen using crutches or a wheel chair to get to her medical appointments, and then would miraculously walk as if cured afterward.  One just has to wonder if her doctor has to purchase wine or just makes it from water.

During her temporary disability period, she was paid over $29,000 in temporary disability benefits.  (That’s tax-free, by the way).

Interestingly enough, her husband was arrested as well, on the theory that he drove her to her doctor visits and failed to disclose her true physical condition.  (The family that crimes together, does time together?)

In any case, this humble blogger’s hat is off to the Ventura County D.A.’s office for its fine work – please keep the fraud arrests coming.

*My beloved readers know that I’m not one to name names, especially when the Board is cruel in its chastisement of an attorney making a slip-up.  But when it comes to fraudsters and alleged fraudsters, there is no harm in a little shame.

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