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Oklahoma to Run Opt-Out Again

February 22nd, 2013

My beloved readers may recall that Oklahoma mounted an unsuccessful attempt to introduce an “opt-out” provision to its currently compulsory workers’ compensation program.

Well, folks in Oklahoma are not to be discouraged by an unsuccessful attempt!

It looks like Oklahomans… Oklhamonites… Oklahomanians… the fine people of Oklahoma are going to try again, this time including an option to opt out as part of a larger workers’ compensation reform bill.

Oklahoma Senate Bill 1062 will seek to let employers opt out of the workers’ compensation system (see sections 120 et. seq.

Now, my dear readers, before you start glaring at your monitor, cursing your humble blogger or his humble blog, and demanding to know why California readers should waste their time learning about the crazy doings of Okla… Okla… well the people of Oklahoma, I submit to you the following:

As Texas is currently the only opt-out state in the Union, so if Oklahoma gets this done, we might be looking at somewhat of a trend… and a trend is your friend!

Opting out means that employers can set up a benefit plan of their own, although how it will all play out is not certain yet – after all, the bill could meet defeat once again, and anyone who stands to lose money from an efficient workers’ compensation system is not going to go along quietly.

But, California can take a lesson or two from our good friends over in Texas and Oklahoma – perhaps some friendly competition in the form of an opt-out provision can help force workers’ comp costs down.

WCDefenseCA, from its post of influence in California, wishes Oklahoma luck in passing its reform, and hopes that the wise elected leaders of the Sooner State “O.K.” the opt-out clause.  (Get it? OK?).

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