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Bowling Star Strikes Out; Down For Comp Fraud

So, dear readers, here we are again – another weekend gone in the flash of an eye, and just as you start feeling the symptoms of withdrawal from your workers’ compensation addiction, here it is again for that soothing dose.

Today’s post is about a dual-employment rocket scientists/brain surgeon who, despite a genius and elaborate plan to defraud his employer’s workers’ compensation insurance fund, went down for WC fraud.

Damon Fraticelli was a 27-year-old employee of the Travis Unified School District (no, dear readers, the TUSD did not employ him in the capacity of a rocket scientists/brain surgeon; that part was just your humble blogger’s Monday Morning sarcasm peeking out) and claimed an injury to his right shoulder, preventing him from properly discharging his duties as a janitor.

Of course, the day after he complained of the crippling pain to his doctor, he was video-taped bowling for over 40 minutes, and even scored so well as to have his accomplishments published in the newspaper!

Fraticelli plead guilty to felony fraud charged and got put on 5 years of probation along with an order to pay restitution in the amount of $10,000.

So, dear readers, let that be a lesson for all of us.  If you blatantly and carelessly try to rip off your employer, or trick him into involuntarily sponsoring your blossoming bowling career, you can expect a very stern talking-to.  As far as we know, convict Fraticelli may even be on double secret probation!

Aside from the fact that a fraudster got off ridiculously easy, what can we learn from this story?  Employers should get to know their employees.  Adjusters should get to know the employers for the claims.  If your applicant has a hobby that should be facing the Kaibosh because of his or her injury, make sure the Kaibosh has actually been put on, and if the Kaibosh has not been put on the hobby, the lack of Kaibosh should be on tape.

Good week to you, dear readers, and, of course, good hunting!

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