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Another WC Fraudster Bites the Dust

Happy Friday, dear readers!

Your humble blogger brings you reports of yet another workers’ comp fraudster biting the dust – Linda Boggess was convicted on four counts of workers’ compensation fraud, as reported by the Ventura County Star.  As reported by the Star, Boggess reported “pain” in 2007, and, after receiving benefits was cleared to return to work in November of 2011 without restrictions.  She then obtain a 5-pound lifting restriction from another physician.

An investigation yielded surveillance footage showing applicant lifting 45-pound tires; applicant testified at deposition that she could lift no than a gallon of milk (for the folks keeping score at home, a gallon of milk is roughly 8 pounds, and, yes, 45 pounds is much heavier than 8 pounds.)

The sub rosa was a sweet catch, but your humble blogger’s “Spidey senses” tell him that someone tipped the employer off.

As always, your humble blogger feels obligated to point out that the employer now has a Pyrrhic victory on its hands – the benefits have already been paid out, and it will have a hard time getting them back from the fraudster.  One possible benefit of a conviction for fraud is that lien claimants stand in the shoes of the applicant, and applicant’s shoes are on some pretty weak footing at the moment.

On the bright side, however, if enough of these stories get prominent display in the news – if it becomes common knowledge among Californians that fraud is investigated, prosecuted, and punished – perhaps the frauds out there will be less likely to do ply their dirty trades.

Have a good weekend, dear readers!


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