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Happy (Early) Independence Day!

Happy Monday, dear readers!

Your humble blogger hopes that you have today off as a “gimme” holiday and that you’re ready to celebrate Independence Day, or, as the kids on the internet are calling it, “Brexit 1776.”

Rest assured that your humble blogger is hard at work today, seeking to deny benefits and expedite case resolutions.  But, for those that are busy prepping their own fire-works displays, just a friendly reminder: in many counties and cities in California, private fireworks are illegal and enforcement is in full effect.

Aside from fighting the law (take it from me, dear readers, I fought the law once – and the law won!) fireworks tend to explode.  In fact, most things with the word “fire” in them tend to prompt additional caution (fire-fights, fire-ants, “Greg, you’re fired”) so please, please, please be careful.

Even if your work to-do list flashes between your eyes as the fireworks do their explosive job, odds are this will not be a compensable injury, so the indescribable pleasures of being an applicant in California’s workers’ compensation system will likely elude you.

In any case, your humble blogger hopes you have a safe and happy Independence Day – throw some tea in a bay, tell a person from England “you’re not the boss of me anymore!”, and BBQ to your heart’s delight.

Happy Independence Day!

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